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Pandemics comes in different versions which can be installed independently. In any case, if you want to generate pdf files on your local computer, you will need a full LaTeX installation on your system.

Neophyte: Atom plugin

This simplest is to use Pandemics directly in Atom using the dedicated Pandemics plugin. After installing the atom package manager (in Atom, Atom > Install Shell Commands), open a terminal and type:

# install Pandemic for Atom
apm install

You can then directly call Pandemics using the Packages > Pandemics > Publish menu to compile the file you are currently editing.

Enthusiast: Command Line Interface

If you want to be able to automatize your publishing pipeline, you will need to install the Pandemics Command Line Interface. At the moment, it can be installed only via the Node Package Manager:

# install Pandemic for command line use
npm install --global pandemics

Installing Node for just a CLI is a bit of an overkill, so I am working on releasing binaries for a more straightforward install.

Expert: Docker container

Pandemics and supporting tools are also packaged in a dedicated Docker image you can use to safely offer Pandemics to your users:

docker run -v ${PWD}:/data/ publish

Even better, you can completely automatise document publication using Continuous Integration. Check for example the .gitlab-ci.yml in the demo which ensures that the demo markdown document is compiled and made available to download every time it is pushed to Gitlab.

If you want to use a private recipe, do not forget to mount your ssh key to grant access to the repo:

docker run \
  -v ${PWD}:/data/ \
  -v ~/.ssh:/home/patient0/.ssh:ro \ \