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Get started

If you are impatient, have a look at this demo and check the PDF Pandemics will automatically produce out of it.

A quick example

To get started with your own document, just write some text in your favorite text editor and save it as a Markdown file (with the extension .md).

  • If you installed Pandemics in Atom, then click on:

    Packages > pandemics > publish
  • If you are using NPM, run:

    pandemics publish
  • If you have Docker:

    docker run -v ${PWD}:/data/ \
    pandemics publish

VoilĂ ! You now have next to your manuscript a pandemics folder with a compiled version of your manuscript.

Change the output format

You can export your document to any format supported by Pandoc: .docx, .html, .tex, etc.

By default, Pandemics will export to .pdf format. You can easily override this default by specifying the desired format in the front-matter of your markdown document:

  format: docx

Apply a styling recipe

If you want to change the look of your compiled document, you will need a recipe. Need to prepare a manuscript for a new journal with different formatting guidelines or citations styles? Just select another recipe! In practice, a recipe is a repository which contains a template and instructions to compile your document with a specific style. In order to apply a styling recipe to your document, simply provide the url to the recipe repository in the front-matter of your manuscript:


Have a look at our selection of recipes for more examples.

In general, a recipe will automatically decide the output format. If multiple formats are offered, you will need to also specify the desired format.

Also, you can compile your document with an older version of a given recipe simply by writing the desired version tag or commit SHA after the recipe url.

  recipe:  8f8fc7312f80c38ec6a3d7cc1f1e57a75be3ff4b

Going further

Check the writing documentation to discover all the features of Pandemics, like bibliographic references, figures, tables, an dynamical results integration.

If you want, you can also create your own recipe to create documents that perfectly fit your expectations.